programmerDavid Pollack

David “Dave” Pollack started writing software professionally in the mid-1990s while still attending the University of Colorado. After graduating, he worked at Lockheed-Martin’s aerospace campus in Littleton, Colorado where he wrote statistical analysis software used to test satellite systems. After that project was completed, he joined the CARL Corporation (now The Library Corporation) and helped write the software used by librarians at larger libraries throughout the U.S. and around the world In 2001, he returned to the aerospace industry and wrote software used by NASA scientists, students, and the military to analyze data from weather satellites.

In 2004, Dave began a number of independent projects including freelance website development. He specializes in Drupal and WordPress website development.


  • 10 years doing web development including PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Drupal, WordPress, Xdebug, Selenium
  • 7 years doing C++ development including C++Builder, client-server programming, system level programming
  • Platforms include Windows, Linux, Solaris, Irix
  • Available for code reviews, design reviews, and testing

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